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Jubilate Mare - Nearly, or The One That Got Away!

Hello and happy Wednesday to anyone reading this!

The last couple of days we have made slow progress. The gap is closing and excitement is building as we near the end of our adventure. However, frustration is also building as we are almost in danger of going backwards. Well, it's not quite that bad but it's a close call. Winds have dropped, sometimes to below 1 knot and we struggle to maintain 3 knots of progress. Without our wonderful cruising chute I think we would have been becalmed. That could have had a plus side as the swimmers amongst us (all but Pete) would have enjoyed the water.

No matter, at least as we are moving at a sedate pace we could have another try at fishing. We had been sailing slowly, for some time, through vast mats of sargasso weed, floating on the surface of the beautiful, bright blue sea, when the sound of the reel running out could be heard and excited shouts of 'Fish! Fish!' filled the hot, sultry air. It was all hands on deck for this long awaited moment. Tom luckily had his phone camera to hand, I was getting a board, knife and Fish Killer ready - this is double strength rum, squirted into the gills for a happy end.

Sadly, the designated "net person" had great difficulty in netting the fish. It was a magnificent 5 pound Maha-Mahi. But the delay in getting him into the landing net meant he grew another 5 pounds, therefore aiding his escape by being too heavy for the hook. The net-person has been demoted to lure-polisher.

I suppose 3 knots has its advantages. But what they are is hard to fathom.

Chicken Korma is in sight. So signing off for tonight.

Sadly, it might have been grilled Mahi-Mahi. *Sigh*

Pete & Bee

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