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Moonflower 3 - Such Is This Life That We Live On The Ocean

Such is this life that we live on the ocean

To spend our days in perpetual motion,

Where time is measured by sunrise and set

And dinner decided by what’s in the net.

We’re 2,000 miles into our race

And, until this week, have been setting pace

But the wind has now left us for three days and nights

And for every mile our sail had to fight

We said to ourselves, ‘Patience we must be,

For such is this life on the sea.’

Yet when we woke this morning,

The day still dawning,

The crew still yawning,

Ready to recommence mourning,

For another day of no motion

We found the wind had returned

And now to St Lucia we’re spurned!

Such is this life on the ocean.

So onwards we charged

In our loveable barge

We’re picking back up the pace,

And now no sounds of sails flapping

Disturb our napping,

Moonflower is back in this race!

And although we’re fourteenth,

We’re still cutting our teeth

It’s our debut race, don’t forget,

Our team may be young

But we’re having the most fun

Don’t bet against us just yet.

It’s still 800 miles ’til we see land

And we’re hoping we still have a few days in hand,

But it’s part of the allure

That we can’t ever be sure

For fair wind and seas there’s no magic potion,

Such is this life on the ocean.

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