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Cloudy Bay - 5 Dec: Cinnamon roll saturday and Sinterklaas

Saturday again!! Which means it’s time for cinnamon rolls for breakfast, yumm :) I prepared them the night before and with this heat they rise almost uncontrollably! After they come out of the oven, they get drizzled with a coconut glazing as a finishing touch. So, with a coffee in one hand and a roll in the other we enjoy the sun in the morning.

For lunch we had fish tacos with the last pieces of the massive Mahi-mahi we caught the other day. And after lunch it’s time for Sinterklaas! A Dutch traditional feast for which my lovely mom gave me a package with a note “not to open before the 5th of December” as a little surprise. More cookies and candy typical to Sinterklaas, lol!!

Sailing wise we are doing well. It’s not easy to keep the sail from flapping or collapsing sometimes and twice during the day we tried other configurations. In the end, we ended up with Gennie again, with who we are still gaining on the boats ahead of us with every position report :D

After a delicious lasagne, made by Sanne for dinner, the sea eased down and we had a fairly calm and dark night!


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