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Moonflower 3 - The Final Third

As we enter the final third of our race, the whispers of showers and rum punch have started in earnest. We’ve stopped using plates (favouring a communal dinner pot)… Jake Usman has broken his 9th bowl.

The temperature is steadily picking up as we approach the Caribbean. Nights’ sleep are becoming a luxury, and thieving and trickery to claim the more ventilated sleeping quarters have increased tenfold.

We’re fortunate enough to be equipped with a high tech aqua-thermal regulating system on board to make sleeping temperatures more bearable. But even this patented technology (formerly known as a ‘damp cloth’) isn’t quite cutting it with the tropic nights. We’re yet to test if it would be easier to fall asleep in a tumble dryer, but will report back as soon as we can.

Keep your fingers crossed this wind holds – we’re charging!

Ciao for now,

Your Moonflowers



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