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Moonflower 3 - A cheddar too far?

Our gybe yesterday afternoon was a resounding success – swell and winds are now with us as we approach the final third of the rally. The gybe is out, we’re coming in hot!

A nearly 2 weeks at sea is starting to take its toll on our sanity…

A tragedy occurred yesterday afternoon when cabin boy Jake Usman played a little prank on the crew. In an effort to raise team spirits, jester Jake placed our 2.5 kilo prized cheddar into our fishing net, hung it off the back of the boat, and took up the cry, ‘Fish! I’ve caught a fish!”. A classic gag that aroused appropriate enjoyment from Skipper Chloe and deck hands, Norbury and Felstead. But things then took a horrible turn…

Urged on the by the raucous laughter of his fellow morons, Jake staged the dramatic capture of the freshly caught cheese, which resulted in the net snapping clean off the handle, and both net and cheddar disappearing to Davey Jones’ locker.

Our quesadillas for lunch were still delicious, but there was a distinct lack of cheer (not to mention cheddar) at the dining table.

Cheese puns have been rife since; whilst there are ‘stiltons’ of cheese left, we have to question, had Jake ‘brie-haved’ himself and given more of ‘e-dam’ about the crew morale, rather than crackering his jokes, then perhaps the situation would be ‘feta’.

Jake has been confined to his room since and hasn’t been available for comment. We’re baking flap jacks today, so we hope to ease any growing dairy-related tensions.

‘Gouda’ speak to you all,

Your Moonflowers


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