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Cloudy Bay - Day 6: day of highlights

Last night was as predicted, a night on engine. Not entertaining at all! However, when daylight came we found out the boat had been invaded by little green bugs. They were literally everywhere, crawling all over the place. So, all day we were plucking Cloudy Bay, like monkeys plucking fleas! (Highlight 1)

At 10 this morning after amazing pancakes we were able to raise the genaker again and we have been sailing since, whoop whoop :D (Highlight 2)

After lunch while throwing some bugs overboard, I saw a shade in the water behind the boat. On first thought, maybe a dolphin, seal, shark... but it moved different from all of them. NOO, it is a Marlin!!! It must have been about two meters long and just swimming slowly along with us until it disappeared at the back. (Highlight 3)

Later on this afternoon we found out we had some rope stuck to one of the rudders. Trying to pull it off from the swimming platform didn’t work. So Kristian got his GoPro and leaned over the side to film underwater in order to see how it was attached. We came up with a plan, furled in the sail and while floating around it magically came off... we rolled out the sail again and sailing the night away(hopefully). (Highlight 4)


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