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Tohuwabohu - Day 4 -still about technology

Day 4
And so to continue on our theme of tech We had a fairly uneventful night, the wind dropped and so did the power level, the auto pilot and fridges are the most expensive users of vital power on board, with this in mind it was nice to be able to stop the auto pilot and its groaning, and hand steer to allow the now repaired and working hydro generator to do its thing ! We mad a bit of ground overnight and completed 116 nm which was good as we had little wind.

This morning was the same rota, 8 am for a nice brioche roll with fresh fruit and cheese, some natural yogurt followed with a nice warm coffee. Breakfast has been prepared every morning by Simone who does a fantastic job at keeping the skipper and co crew fed and watered. In fact, with out her I don’t know that we would continue.
We try different sail sets in the morning to see which work most in out favour, we have experimented quite a lot. Whilst conducting boat checks today we could that the newly installed hydrovane had been leaking a reasonable amount of water in the the hull and subsequently into the bilges. The water didn’t concern us too much it was more to do with how do we tackle the underwater leaking. With some waterproof putty and two spanners (one on the outside and one on the inside) the Issue was quickly resolved. Although, I do say that there isn’t much room behind the panels on a smaller boat,

The next task was to set up the easy to use windvane , set a course and use this as a system to take the loading from the auto pilot. I think this is easy if if have used this system before and have an exploded diagram. This will remain work in progress throughout the course of the passage.

A quick salt water wash off as the temperature soared throughout the day followed by a freshwater wash off - it is the simple pleasures that keep a happy crew!

On other more interesting subjects , we saw a pod of dolphins and some flying fish today. This is without doubt not an xbox game or pretend, it’s real, it’s happening and we are over half way on leg 1.

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