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Amari - Almost half way

Wing on wing is a beautiful thing, like Amari's arms open wide to the winds behind us.

This is our sail plan, now that the winds clocked around from SE to ESE to now fully east, heading pretty much exactly where we need to go. So we had two choices: throw up the spinnaker chute or pole out the ginny.

The winds are up to 20 knots, so we couldn't risk the spinnaker (someone in the fleet reported last night on the net that they tore theirs!), so the pole is out with fore guy and aft guy tacking it solidly into place.

Now that all that line work is in place, we should be in this sail plan for some days, which makes our lives easier than they already are!

The clouds finally gave up their campaign of harassment. They've gone back east and left us with a brilliant sun to sail under. It looks like we have this weather for the next 2-3 days! Bummer right?

Okay, for dinner. I made arepas, which we learned about in Santa Marta Columbia, and now they are my new best friend. Thank you Columbia!

They're made with masa flour with a little water, salt, and way too much queso fresco. Fry those puppies up and you can eat them by themselves, stuff them like a pita with anything at all, or slice them with some topper on them and have an open faced arepa sandwich of yumminess.

I jerked the wahoo, made spicy slaw, and caramelized some onions for ours. Dude. They were so awesome. Plus we have extras, so I'll warm them up in a pan for lunch tomorrow.

It's a good night. Grateful for the day. Psyched about tomorrow.

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