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Next Step - Equator Crossing

Overnight the wind increased a bit and we had some fantastic sailing. Another Booby hitchhiked a lift on the boat. We also had a number of small dead squid on the deck in the morning, not really quite sure how they got there. At 0928 we crossed the EquatorÂ… an equator crossing virgin is known as a polywog! King Neptune and Mrs Neptune aka Jeremy and Nicole dressed appropriately in toga, crown, snorkel and trident, performed the necessary rituals for the two equator virgins Bromley and myself. Including reading out our crimes, offering something that Neptune liked which in our case was red lipped cheeky fish which involved having our lips, cheeks and forehead painted with lipstick and a burnished cork followed by a precious gift of food and drink offered to King Neptune. Bromley and I then went for a dip in the Ocean to wash off our crimes. To complete the initiation King Neptune gave us a shellback tattoo i.e. a turtle tattoo, a great time was had by all. Because we hove too for the equator ceremony, we actually drifted across the equator a total of 5 times! The afternoon went by very quickly as we approached the Galapagos. Bromley cooked a very nice dahl for our supper. At 1915 Jeremy spotted land and at 0017 we crossed the finish line and very tentatively motored into Puerto Baqueriza on San Cristobal and were anchored by 0055. We were all exhausted after a great day of sailing and equatorial antics, we had a few beers to celebrate our arrival and then went to bed.

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