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Sweet Dream - Sunday January 26,2020

After another impossible to sleep night with the boat leaping and frolicking like a dolphin while trying to chew through her mooring lines, I was so ready to leave. Two boats had come in during the wee hours of the night, one of them passed very close to us and woke me up. We had our anchor light on and I had pulled us up as close to the mooring as possible when Someday and Lunatix arrived, as both of them were on very long lines and if the wind had ceased, the potential to hit was great. It’s very odd to us, when we come to a normal anchorage or mooring field, we try to put as much space as possible between us and the other boats, but some folks take the mooring closest to the other boats...when there are plenty of moorings far away!! It drives me crazy having boats so close! At one point this morning when Lars had gone to run up Jabob’s ladder one last time, the boat on the mooring right next to us rolled out a big Genoa in 20 knots of wind and were sailing around and around on their mooring just a few feet away from our stern with all hands on deck wrestling the big sail down, and NO ONE at the helm of their boat! I was completely dumbfounded! Finally, Captain came back, we got free of the dreadful mooring unscathed, and took off for Brazil at 11:45 in the morning....not one minute too soon. Everyone said the winds would be light, but for 12 hours we’ve had perfect 15-20 knots just usable on a wing on wing port tack. We aren’t breaking any speed records, but averaging about 6.5 knots it’s a very comfortable sail. It’s 1000 percent more comfortable than rocking and rolling in the St. Helena mooring field. That goes down as one more place I never want to revisit in a sailing boat! It really is too bad, because the “Saints” that live there are such wonderful people, it’s crime-free, the weather is lovely and the interior of the island breathtakingly beautiful. It’s a very pleasant sail to get there, but so miserable in a boat on the moorings, I couldn’t do it again.


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