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Sweet Dream - Wednesday January 22, 2020

After a squally start the morning just stayed grey. At daylight, the imposing stiff face of the island of St Helena took shape on the horizon ahead of us.By 11:00, the sky had cleared up, the wind was howling along the acceleration zone of the coast, and we flew into the mooring field on the staysail and the Genoa. Got them both furled, and tried three times to get close enough to put a line through a mooring ring. It just wasn’t happening. Finally, the ferry boat came by with Paul driving it, and he took the line and threaded it through for us. Lars tossed a kayak in and tied up the second mooring line, and voila’ we were here in St Helena. Check in was easy, a quick visit to the port Captain and customs office, then a short walk through town to the police station where immigration is located. We wandered through town, chatting with the very friendly local folks, then headed over to the yacht club where we were supposed to meet the Coco De Mer crew for happy hour. At ten past four there was no one there and the door was locked, so we just went back to Anne’s place, had a drink and French fires while we leafed through the stack of pamphlets that the tourist office gave us. At 18:00 the Coco De Mer crew and Danica crew arrived and we had a nice meal catching up. We took the ferry boat back...there is so much surge and swell it would be nigh to impossible to take a dingy ashore, the ferry boat is fast, efficient and cheap at one pound each trip. That first night the mooring field was fairly calm, a Little Rock and roll, but not enough to keep us from sleeping. A great start to our rest stop here in St. Helena


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