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Sweet Dream - Wednesday February 5, 2020

We are back in the tropics. Warm rain falls, hot sun bakes, we steam like veggies in a ready crisp micowave packet. Away go the long legged, long sleeved clothes, out comes the swim and sunwear. We pass the 3/4 of the way to Salvador from St. Helena mark just before the morning radio net time. It’s getting more and more difficult to communicate since the fleet is so spread out. It’s amazing that we can even hear each other at all with 3 to 6 hundred miles between us and the other boats. Today’s net was about eta. It’s fun to try and predict landfall when you are still four to six days away. We are looking forward to landfall. It hasn’t been a difficult or stressful passage, just a bit tedious with the uncharacteristically light winds in a place that should have good steady tradewinds. We set our clocks back a second hour this evening, and enjoyed the time to savour a nice pan of homemade lasagne and watch the colours of the sunset together before starting our night watches.


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