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Sweet Dream - Friday January 24, 2020

Well, if we were after a rest, we should have left St Helena on Thursday evening. About midnight between Thursday and Friday, the wind shifted or something went haywire in the weather patterns to cause the boats to rock and roll severely. I spent the morning trying to organise food for the journey to Brazil, while Lars oversaw the fueling. Very nice...they bring a barge to your boat on your mooring! Amazing that they are able to transfer fuel with all the surge and swell going on, but it got done. After the fueling was done, we went ashore and had lunch at Anne’s place while Captain visited the immigration office, the customs folks and the port Captain. Oh, yes, and the bank. What a racket....St. Helena ONLY accepts cash for everything...I mean everything....fuel, food, port dues, merchandise, tours...only cold cash...and only British pounds or St Helena pounds. Unless you have pounds on you when you arrive, you have To stand in line to exchange money. There is only ONE BANK in all of Jamestown 4,500 residents, not counting tourists). And the bank keeps very limited trading hours. That was probably the only dissatisfying bit about St Helena itself, apart from the horribly uncomfortable mooring field. I was ready to GO. But the boat was not. Plus we had booked a tour of the island. Colin took us all around in the narrow squiggling roads. We saw the forts and the Naploenic sites, and the plantation house with some ancient tortoises. Captain went to the yacht club for fish and chips, but after four days of fish, I had had enough, and went home to make pasta on the boat. That night, Lunatix came in and picked up a mooring very close to us.


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