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Sweet Dream - Monday February 3, 2020

The morning began like every other so far this passage; reddish streaks of dawn between a few light clouds. Mid morning the entire sky was covered with puffy little cumulus clouds, noon brought them massing together with a perceptible squall off in the distance. By 15:00 the entire sky was darkened and slabs of squalls surrounded us. I found myself engaged in an utterly foreign activity: that of WISHING a squall would come over us and bring WIND. This is the very first time in all our years of sailing I have ever actively wanted a squall....very strange what two days of breathing diesel fumes will do to addle one’s brain! We had little sprinkles of rain, but no real wind only a 180 degree wind shift! For two hours it came directly in our nose! Then precipitously came back round to our stern again. We had another big fish on the purple lure that Lars had repaired after our monster two days ago bent the hook straight. This time the hook was straight again and the leader covered in jagged teeth marks. Once again, we gave thanks that we didn’t land so large and aggressive a fish! Captain effected repairs by attaching a new steel leader line and a slightly smaller hook. Tomorrow is another day to fish on the Sweet Dream.


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