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Agua Dulce - Log Day 19 - Last Full Day at Sea

All of us are extremely excited to get to the marina in St. Lucia. We’ve been talking about what will be the first thing we are going to do after we arrive and get the boat tied up. It’s hard to say right now. Agua Dulce has been our cocoon for the last three weeks, and she has seen us safely 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean. It will actually be a little strange to leave her.

Of course, we’ll head for a bar for the obligatory rum punch to herald our arrival to the Caribbean. Then, we’ll probably all take naps and try to get our body clocks adjusted from UTC to AST time (4 hours earlier) and see if we can sleep through the night without waking up for watches. We all need to be sure to cancel the alarms on our phones waking us up for our night watches or the rest of the crew might mutiny at dock!

I know that one of the first things I want to do is LAUNDRY. Our lovely sailboat is starting to smell more and more like a high school boys’ locker room after a football game. It’s a little gamey is the best way I know how to put it. It doesn’t help that we have to keep the hatches closed and not have the nice breeze blowing through the boat.

I also want to go for a long walk and really stretch my legs. I know we’ve been using all kinds of muscles that we don’t use regularly just to hold ourselves upright, but I’m ready to put in some miles on the ground.

As I write this at 1:30pm UTC, we are 166 miles from St. Lucia. We count on about 160NM every 24 hours if we are making 6.7 knots. Our speed is currently averaging about 7 knots with winds from the east at 18-21 knots. So, if the winds continue, we should be there a little over 24 hours; however, the forecast is for the winds to abate somewhat, so it might be a few hours later. It is 9:30am in St. Lucia right now, so I am hoping that we will arrive in time for a late lunch. Charles still says it will be 4:30pm, but either way, we’ll be there tomorrow for happy hour.

Come on wind! Give us a nice push home!

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