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Summerwinds of Cuan - Problem & Solution

So here we are eating breakfast in the cockpit, calculator to hand. We had just had two of our best daily milage totals for this trip. Now calculating when we would get to St Lucia. We were seeing the total 'miles to go' peel off in recent days, so a few days left to go.  Did we want a night arrival, or perhaps slow down and get a nice daytime sail past the finish line.
The wind then turned itself off. Well not off completely, not so that there was a flat calm requiring the use of the engine to get us back to a healthy six knots. But down to like one notch on the car's heater fan. Enough to keep moving , but doing nothing for our milage or our morale.
Fishing hasn't been great on this trip. We are down to our last lure with up to now nothing to show for our efforts. "Well, we are going so slow, It may be good to do some trolling"
Almost instantly the lure hit the water the wind returned and we are back on track.

So our worry is that this is the last lure we have. We don't want to lose it or catch anything either, but do want wind. Lose this one and its down to some rusty mackerel feathers and a strip of bacon rind.

Jim, Ann & Emily on Summerwinds of Cuan

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