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Challenger 1 - Crew blog Challenger 1 09/12/19


During our watch before dawn it was my best watch of all, Krishna did some wraps but she ate more than me that annoyed me very much but the watch leader Anna eased me a little when she baked the most delicious cake I have eaten in a while. On our return watch I realised that the previous watch had gybed and noticed we were in a more westerly direction which made Tyrus dance with joy knowing that home can’t be far away. Moments before lunch I saw the monkey in skipper Gary when he had to climb the mast to remove the topping lift around the shrouds. Then came lunch time which resulted in Anna cooking some delicious lunch but I just felt for something local but the real driving forces were Krishna and Tyrus making me feel like I became a dad at the age of five (5).

I cooked one pot with cabbage, potatoes ,carrots, fish and some dumplings. We also carried the daily routines in which I pumped the gray tank, swept the floor and rearranged the sail locker along with the rest of the red watch. When my tummy was full I felt like a boa constrictor and fell asleep right where I ate the last bits.

(Neil, Tyrus and Krishna Red Watch)

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