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Lubilu III - 96 to 168 hours at sea

Feliz Navidad to you all, the decorations are up and it’s definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

According to our calculations we have covered approx 800nm over the past week at sea. All very pleased with our progress so far and will be starting our westward journey over the next day.

Since our last post we have continued to discover the joys of the pressure cooker, sampled a wide range of music and comedy together as a crew, along with the infamous ‘wash day’!

The moon is starting to join us on our night sails, providing some extra light and company on watch. You can see why, in the time of Drake, the Atlantic was known as the ‘ocean of darkness’...

Spinnaker runs have been getting longer and longer and at the time of writing it has been up for 28 hours straight. Not only is it a colourful sight but also a very smooth point of sail!

Attempting to make our own naan breads tonight (from a pizza dough recipe) to go with a lamb curry, prepped by Aidan, followed by fresh popcorn! Solar panels are continually adjusted with some inventive use of aluminium foil for when the sails create too much shade!

Best wishes from all crew on board Lubilu III
Aidan, David, Graham and Phil


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