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Sally - Finally over 10 knots of wind

This night we finally got more than 10 knots of wind and we average around 7 knots towards our waypoint down in the trade winds. A clear sky and a bright moon makes it easier to sail as if it was daylight. We have one reef in the main and shall take one reef more when the moon goes down. We have a couple of boats around us, Mokara 10 nm ahead of us, have heard Pearl, and a couple of other boats on the VHF today. The boat from last night had an accident in the dark, the new halyard to the Code 0 broke and it fell in the water, the auto pilot malfunctioned and gybed the boat with the preventer in place. They managed to get the code 0 on board again in the dark, what a hard work that must have been, Heard the story over VHF earlier today.

Now its time to take one more reef in the main and reduce the genua a bit. Then I will have a ”nattmacka” and some milk before I go to sleep.

Wow, that was a wave from the wrong direction that caused serious flapping in both sails, That is the drawback of down wind sailing, the risk of gybing and a lot of roll if the waves come from the wrong direction.

Good night all!

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