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Cuvee - Ted’s Atlantic Adventure - Part 5

14:00 19Nov2019 - Mindelo
Ted’s back! Apparently the kidnappers panicked with all the publicity and the wanted posters - they dropped Ted off just around from the police station. Ted said that he only saw one of the kidnappers and the police are on the chase.
Louise has come around and she and Ted have now left to go out on the town. Just like that. Strange. How did she know Ted was released and would be here? Hmmm...

18:00 20Nov2019 - Mindelo
Ted’s still out with Louise most of the time. He’s just been back to the yacht for a minute so I thought I’d better say something. I mentioned how it was great that he had a little holiday fling but we’re leaving tomorrow and he’d better make sure Louise understood and didn’t try anything. I mentioned that maybe Louise is affecting his bullshit meter. Well, Ted tried out some words on me that I’ve been meaning to look up since but I’m guessing they’re not words you find in a dictionary. Anyway, he’s left in a huff.

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