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Jua Kali - The Jua Kali Report - Day 6

Day six brought steadier conditions and more fishing success to the Jua Kali crew!

We have been headed WSW now for almost 24 hours, using what has built into a fairly steady 10-15 knots of wind to power us along under spinnaker all day and night.

A sliver of moon was visible for a couple of hours just after sunset but it swiftly set as well leading to a mostly moonless and clear night again, interspersed by a few clouds (some of which looked angrier than others so we avoided them).

We caught our third Mahi Mahi around lunch time which we promptly got marinating and ate as ceviche, only to catch another (larger) one as soon as we put the lines back in the water after! This one we actually cooked and had baked for dinner later. We are now at a total of 4 fish caught and eaten which has made everyone very happy! Here's hoping for a Tuna today to mix things up a bit.

This morning has started out overcast but hopefully the sun will come out later so everyone can work on their tans. We don't want to trade the wind for it though!

Quote from the crew: "Maybe we can catch a steak next?"

Looking forward to another day with more of the same, this has been Alex Fisher with the Jua Kali Report.

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