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Skyelark of London - 1/4 way

By 02.00 this morning we were finally able to raise sails again and start making real progress,  after a number of  frustrating hours of calms and variable winds. A period that entailed a lot of sail changes  followed by teasing the boat along. Then  jib down, spinnaker up. Then spinnaker down and engine on. Sails up and engine off again etc etc.

We are now however heading south west again under full sail at a good speed,  enjoying clear blue skies and lovely warm sunshine. Last nights Thanksgiving feast was finished for lunch and everyone has big smiles on their faces. I have celebrated by doing my first weeks laundry in a bucket on deck. However ona day like today even the chores aren’t too much of a hardship.

To add to the the “feel good factor” of the day, we pass through our first time zone change today, advancing our watches by the first of the  four hours we will be adding between now and  reaching St Lucia, a sure sign we’re making real progress. Today in the Atlantic, life pretty is good.....

Photo-  the swimming pool is 4500m deep!



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