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Umiko - Fiday the 29th Blog from Carolina in her second language!

Friday the 29th of November

Hello from the youngest crew member, also one of the swedes, Carolina!

To get the question from your father, if you would like to sail over the Atlantic is like having a teacher asking if you would like to get an A on your test. I mean, is that even a question? Of course, I wanted to sail over the Atlantic.

The fact that our family has been sailing for every summer in my entire life and that I am also working as a sailing instructor did not really make the answer any harder. This has indeed always been on my bucket list. Also, as a stressed 17-year-old, leaving school for 2 weeks without being able to study in my online books, is like one never ending Christmas gift.

To be honest though, I have never been so scared and nervous about something in my entire life. I had no idea what to expect, nor who we would end up sailing with. Neither did I know what the weather would be like, if I would get seasick or if this maybe could be the paradise trip I imagined. I had my fingers crossed. I was hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.
What I didn’t know was that me and my father were going to end up on a lovely boat with three amazing crewmembers and seven, sometimes slightly crazy, yet impossible not to like, Irish men.

So yeah, I am living my best life here at Umiko. The crew is amazing and the sky full of stars at night is impossible not to fall in love with.
Sometimes it does feel like the time is standing still. You get tired of looking at the sea chart once more just to discover our plot has not yet moved since the morning. But out of one negative thing about this trip I can also mention hundreds of positive. Letting go of all the stress from home is one of the biggest. Surely this on one of the best things I have done in my life.

Entering this trip, I did not know writing a blogpost in English was going to be on my to do list. Yet I am sitting here hoping to god my English teacher won’t find this. May the odds be in my favour. :D

And Chris, thank you for being with me on this trip. Even though these ten men are amazing in their own ways, we girls need to stick together. I am not sure what this boat would be like without you here, I am guessing something slightly less charming. But again, I am only guessing.

See you soon St. Lucia.

Over and out, Carolina

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