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Lubilu III - At sea: 0 to 96 hours

Feels like an age away since ‘le grand depart’ (and rushing about for last minute butter and fresh milk). It was impressive to see so many boats all in one place, popping up spinnakers and racing over the start line. Last minute phone calls made and photos uploaded, we were on our way!

Watch patterns were setup from the start, 3x 4hour shifts during the day, 4x 3hour shifts at night moving through crew alphabetically. With 7 shifts to cover it also rotates the pattern naturally!

Plenty of downwind spinnaker use so far and batteries being topped up by solar. Although it has been a bit cloudier than expected so far and as composing this email,our first bit of rain at sea!
Night sailing is currently inky black (with no moonlight) with plenty of stars to gaze upon, looking forward to the rising moon over the coming weeks.

We also look forward to our daily race update to see how we are getting on, having had limited visible contact with the fleet so far. After 3.5 days we hit the 400nm mark, a lonely celebration for the midnight watch!

Nearly out of fresh milk, going to start on the UHT!

You can also follow our journey on Twitter @IiiLubilu with regular tweets (search Lubilu if you can’t find the handle)


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