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Hatha Maris - blog 2 28112019

Hatha Maris day 2 - 27/11/19

"Just move it, move it"...!
Is our new anthem.

So far we've travelled approximately 290 nm - only 2579 to go! (Are we there yet? - asks Tara)

We've currently gybed and are now heading west Sailing into the spectacular sunsets and the warmth of the Caribbean.
So far this downwind Sailing has been smooth and lovely, figuratively and literally "a breeze". With only one minor "casino" (Italian and Swiss for mess) with our furler drum. Hatha Maris called all hands on deck in the middle of the night to temporarily lower the jib to enable us to re-secure the tack shackle (jib attachment), untangle the line (for taking in and out the jib), check for chafing (the line in and outside of the system) and re-run the entire furling system. (We believe have little devil mice with sharp teeth on-board who really enjoy chewing our lines ;-).

Today we also tested our bright orange genaker (the huge parachute sail set at the front of the boat) - up and down, up and down, up and down....!

We had a surprise visit from a playful school of dolphins at the conclusion of our delicious crew dinner, which was an added delight to our day.
Evening fun during light-winds allowed for Thalita to set up an Al Fresco Netflix night for her watch complete with fresh popcorn!!

We're still waiting for Tara to catch her fish! So far it's Fish 1 - Hatha Maris 0

As her first ever (near)catch, which took three of us to help pull in the line, unfortunately broke free.
Tomorrow the Sweeds (Ebba and Sophia) will show us how it's done!

Second Star / Hatha Maris invites all followers to participate in our "Arrival time Contest" - for the closest finish time crossing prediction. (Date&Time down to the closest minute).

All entries must be submitted on second Star's Facebook page by the Nov. 30th. Good luck to all :o)

Happy and healthy all- female crew!!

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