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Sweet Dream - Day 228 August 31, 2019

In the morning we walked over to the chandlery. To our utter amazement, they were not open! Only Monday through Friday banker’s hours! Crazy! So we meandered back, found a little shop to purchase some salad fixings. Enjoyed fresh green things for lunch, met up with the Niobe crew and walked to the lock to look over the wall and marvel at the lack of water where we had come in the night before, took a nap, then re-strung our dressing overall flags so they would all fit, and be in the correct order. Nick had told us that Andrew Bishop set a great store by the flags being properly flown, so to respect that, we made sure ours were in order. In the early evening we hoisted the flags, and were complimented by a lovely couple who were getting married on a private dock across from us. We had planned to go out for dinner, but got sidetracked having Clement and Nataly Paul and Adrienne from Fidelio over. We asked Dani to join us, as well, and enjoyed the fellowship. We went up to find dinner, but everything was closed. We are learning that being in Darwin is like being in a very tiny village. Nothing is ever open! Imagine not being able to get a meal at nine o’clock on a Saturday night! Well, we live and learn.


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