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Sweet Dream - Day 222 August 25: 2019

We started out across the top of the gulf of Carpenteria. Somehow, we really caught the tides correctly, because we fairly flew along. Wing on wing with a reef in each sail, we were surfing at ten plus knots in 18 knots of wind! It was a most excellent sailing day. Captain finished Stephen King’s “The Dome” , and I continued working my way through a biography of Mary Shelley, the author of “Frankenstein”. Our auto pilot behaved, the waves were with us, the sun shone brightly amidst happy gambolling “Lamb” clouds, and to make the day even more special, after lunch, a small pod of dolphins showed up and entertained us for over an hour with their bow wake running antics. We took turns sitting on our purpose built ‘dolphin watching’ seat on the bow. In all our years of sailing, we have never had dolphins stay with us for so long a time. Lars said it was because they liked his singing to them. I had to concur, because as he was walking back from the bow, he stopped and stood holding onto the port shrouds for a little bit, as he was standing there, one of the smaller dolphins broke out of the pod formation, circled back and did the most amazing thing; it somehow rose partly out of the water and matched its speed exactly to the boat and just hovered there next to Lars for a couple of minutes. I was astonished! So much so, I didn’t even think to use the camera while this was happening, I just sat there watching, with my mouth hanging open in complete surprise! Lars was nonplussed, he just shrugged and said of himself and the dolphin, “we were having a conversation.” Wow. Just wow. I love these precious experiences on the sea!

Oh, what is this?
Pure unadulterated bliss, when
Man meets animal,
Domesticity holds communion
With wilderness, and
The elves of the sea
Bring smiles
To us!


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