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Sweet Dream - Day 223 August 26, 2019

We flew through another champagne sailing day. Perfect weather, perfect wind, beautiful water, pretty sky. I finished reading the biography of Mary Shelley and Captain stared reading the journal of William Daimler’s circumnavigations. We spent the afternoon researching the Darwin palaver; bio security inspection, through hull treatment, only space for two boats at a time on the treatment dock, and you can’t move the boat for ten hours after treatment!, 7 meter spring tide (it is new moon when we plan to arrive), the drying anchorage, the narrow long creek to ascend at high tide to the second marina where we will be berthed, five miles away from the check in point, with a lock only accessible at the top of the tide. All this taking place in serious crocodile country. Oy vey! What a muddle! Captain’s elegant solution is to ask if we may arrive on Friday, August 30, be treated on the dock first thing in the morning, spend the ten hours ashore, and hope to be in the marina by Sunday afternoon. We composed an email, sent it off to the bio security folks and now wait with fingers crossed for a positive answer. Dolphins came at sunset and cheered us up. When I came up for my watch at 22:00, we were passing Cape Wessel . There is a strange fog laying close to the water making it seem like we are riding a smoking magic carpet, but the sky overhead is full of stars, and we are sailing straight through the arc of the Milky Way. It is a really lovely sail we are having here at the top of Australia!


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