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Sweet Dream - Day 184 July 18, 2019

Today was the ceremony of the gift exchange with the villagers of Port Resolution. Of all the places we have been thus far with the World ARC, this one is the most touching and unique. Tanna is the name of the island. When Captain James Cook arrived here, he asked the people what this place was, and their reply was, “Tanna.” It means Earth. The village of Port Resolution was named for Captain Cook’s Second ship, and this name has endured until today. It was a beautiful time together with the 500 plus villagers. They sang and danced and the pastor shared a scripture and an enlightening thought, the school children sang very sweetly, and gifts were exchanged. Such a humbling ceremony. The gifts given to us by the village were beautiful products of the land, lovingly crafted by their hands. Each of us received a gorgeous palm plaited hat, baskets of fruit and vegetables, fans, bags, and intricately woven purses, all decorated with flowers and leaves in a most pleasing manner. The artistry in these items is stunning. It wasn’t until we were all finished exchanging and the village ladies began to make piles on the grass that we understood that there were 18 village groups represented here! Oh my! We could have brought so much more if we had known that it was all being divided 18 ways! In the evening, the day was capped off by a lovely feast that the village made for us. Two roasted pigs, chicken, sausages, vegetables, rice and rolls. It was a wonderful evening.


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