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Sweet Dream - Day 175 July 9, 2019

Palms swished in the wind. A swift flitted over the pool. A myna bird chortled to itself as it bathed on the shallow edge of infinity. Small green islands floated in a silver sparkling sea. The scene was framed by coconut trees and floored by creamy golden sand. Out in the sea, waves broke on the reefs, reminding us that while this is a beautiful paradise, it is an exacting one that commands complete attention to detail. Today we are revelling in paying attention to random bits of beauty. Thus, appreciating the achingly blue sky, the diamond reflection on the lagoon, the fine edged leaves of the trees, enjoying the laughter of children, and chirrup of birds, savouring a decadent pizza served poolside with summer salad and washed down with a cold Fiji bitter for the Captain and a fat red wine for me were our responsibilities for the day. We swam in the seemingly endless pool, lolled about on chaise lounges, read good stories, and napped. When we’d had our fill of this relaxing resort pampering, we took to the soft sugar sand, and relished the comfort of walking in the perfect warm breeze with our hands entwined at the end of the day. We kayaked home and sat in the cockpit. Lars played his Ukulele and I plunked the electric piano a bit while our supper of veggie quiche cooked in the Omnia oven on top of the stove. The sun went down in a warm rosy orange glow and we were content. A perfect day in a Sweet Dream!


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