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Sweet Dream - Day 170 July 4, 2019

Happy Independence Day! Our alternator came back, was installed, and appears to be do its job! Big shout out to Mahit and the guys at Summer Electronics for a job well done!! We did our provisioning run with Bobby, the taxi driver taking us to the choice spots. We found a hardware shop with exactly the things we needed, visited the farmers ‘ market. It was huge! With a fairly decent selection of fruits and veggies. Even California oranges! Ha! (We did not buy any! ) we really prefer the very sweet oranges grown here. Next we went back to the Xxtra market, and finished up buying eggs, butter, cheese and a few tins of tomatoes and beans. Plus our new favourite beverage, Bundaberg’s lemon lime bitters! Oh yum! Lars visited the money changer to get cash for Vanuatu. We had read on noonsite that there were no cash machines on Tanna where we check into the country, so we thought better safe than sorry. We had a lovely traditional American 4th of July supper of bbqed chicken, potato salad, Cole slaw, baked beans and Oreo cheese cake. The only thing missing were the fireworks. Now we are ready to head to the island to chill a couple of days on our Sweet Dream.


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