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Sweet Dream - Day 165 June 29, 2019

Today started at 06:00 with pink streaks in a grey lowering sky. It became greyer and greyer as the day progressed. It was oddly comforting in a Pacific Northwesterly sort of way. By noon the sky had settled right down on the surrounding land. At 13:00 the rain came, sheets of steady falling sweet clean rain. The rain washed the refinery smoke out of the air, it fell in a slanting veil covering over everything. We were snug and dry and cosy in our comfy boat. The ground tackle held us secure as the wind ramped up and the thunder and lightning split the sky. How I shuddered to think of the dire consequences of a direct hit, but our luck held, and we ate a wonderful meal downstairs in our salon as the storm raged overhead. The best part of this crazy anchorage is how excellently our SIM card in the Samsung phone works as a hot spot! We’ve had fabulous WiFi all afternoon!! Even downloaded some new Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris tunes! The good times are back on the Sweet Dream!


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