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Sweet Dream - Day 163 June 27, 2019

Dixie from Chao Lay and I kayaked up to the end of the creek here to Savu Savu Marina. We saw Endo 2 and Taurus rafted together on the small dock, and Resolute on one of the helix moorings. It was amazing how calm it was there, and quite pretty too. We paddled back to town, tied up the kayaks and paid a visit to the farmer’s market. Loaded up on sweet oranges, pineapples, papaya, yams, green beans, tomatoes and cilantro. A pretty fair bunch of stuff for an island. Captain had gone to town and sorted out our WiFi connection problem. Turns out, our old phones wouldn’t work here because they are only 3G capable, and Fiji, uses only a 4 g network! So we had to purchase yet another phone to be able to access the internet. At least it works! After weeks of no communication it is lovely to reconnect! In the evening we met with the two crews of the other Island Packets for a little happy hour, then went to a very bright, clean, Christian, Korean restaurant. The food was fine, the fellowship was fantastic and it was a fun evening. Little did we know it was to be the last good time we had.


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