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Sweet Dream - Day 147 June 10, 2019

About midnight the wind increased to the mid twenties. It was time to roll in a bit more sail. We had put one reef in each of the two big sails just before sundown, as was our usual practice. We are content to sacrifice a knot of speed during the night, for the ease of our single handed watches. But this night, a single reef in the poled out Genoa and the prevented out main on the opposite side were not enough to slow us down. Our wing on wing rig with the Hoyt staysail sheeted flat in the middle is such an efficient rig, that with 25 knots of wind we were surfing at 11 knots of boat speed!! Probably fun for a racer, but a bit too much for our behemoth, so a few more turns on the drums were in order. As it turned out, we sailed for 13 and 1/2 hours under this rig, until one thirty in the afternoon when we moved the Genoa pole to the other side and gybed, putting the main out to starboard. This put us in perfect alignment with our rhumb line to Fiji! ( just a the rhumb line called thus because it’s the shortest distance to the next bottle of rum?) At five thirty a doozey of a squall came up behind us and we set the sails for a night of surfing the four meter seas in mid twenty winds again. Woohoo! We are loving this tradewind sailing in our Sweet Dream!


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