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Sweet Dream - Day 145 June 8, 2019

We started our day retracing our track from the south east side of Bora Bora , over the top, and back into the town wall. If the narrow , shallow channel wasn’t exciting enough, we shared it the whole way with dozens of four man outrigger canoes and what seemed like a swarm of zippy little power boats. Captain had a real fun time navigating and being overtaken by canoes! Whew, we made it to the Town wall in 18 knots of wind with no collisions, checked out of French Polynesia (they make it so easy here in Vaitape!) bought one last loaf of fresh bread, pulled off the wall with all paint intact and decided to go to Bloody Mary’s for lunch, just a couple miles away. Unfortunately, the only mooring available (there are only three, we picked up the one another boat was vacating) was not in good enough shape to trust our 30 tons of boat on, even just for lunch. The wind was getting up in the low 20’s, and so we stayed on the mooring just long enough to eat lunch on board and get a weather download. At 12:10 we slipped the mooring line and left Bora Bora, motor sailing out through the pass at Vaitape into the big blue. Once out of the pass, out went the Genoa on the pole, the main on the opposite side, the Hoyt staysail sheeted flat in the middle, and we were joyfully surfing towards Fiji in our Sweet Dream! As I write this, we are engaged in that most romantic of sailing pursuits...actually sailing on the moon Path!


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