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Rubicon IV - blog

June 5, 2019

The French word for jellyfish is méduse. It is probably from the Greek monster Medusa who was cursed by the gods to have anyone who looks at her turned into stone. In the myth, a son of Zeus named Percyus kills the monster by looking in a polished shield.

In complete honesty. I hate jellyfish. It isn’t because they look weird, or that they don’t have brains, or that they poop out the same hole they eat from.

The answer is their sting.

I was first stung when I was about five and in the British Virgin Islands on a vacation with my family. I was swimming near a wooden pole when I got stung. The thing is that my mother told me later that there are few jelly fish in the BVI and that I was unlucky (or lucky—maybe—). It hurt like fire and I cried and cried. I remember my mother calmed me by singing nursery rhymes to me. After that in my (barely) twelve years in existence, I have been stung by jellyfish four to five times. It’s a common myth that you should pee on a jellyfish sting. What is better for the stung (I should know) is vinegar or lemon juice. The acid helps and lessens the pain.

Now why are you on a tangent about your age-old hatred with jellyfish? I can hear you ask (and if not I’m probably ignoring you),

well. We arrived at Tonga and in the water there were millions of jellyfish.

It was one species ; moon jelly. They do not sting but I do not dare touch one.

Why tempt fate? It’s likely that the one moon jelly I touch mutated into a moon jelly that could sting, and be once again, be stung.

I didn’t really do much today, I helped the boys in the ARC about a debate over which country is the second largest, The US or Canada.

(Fun fact : My country Canada is the second largest country in the world. I just like facts. They’re solid)

And do the extremely important job of turning on and off a song for the other girls as they practiced a dance (I don’t like dancing).

Oh I’m also writing this log, but does that count?

But I guess probably not.


Catherine from

Rubicon IV

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