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Rubicon IV - blog

April 8, 2019

I’m really bad at writing when I should.

It’s night and there is lightning outside. I felt like there was nothing fun to do besides go to sleep, so I decided to write another log. to quote my past couple logs, “a lot has happened…”.

So we left Panama, and were under way for 22 or so days. (3,800 nautical miles)

During that time we…

  1. Shot at a booby with water guns (I also shot Pavel and Dad)

  2. Caught a baby sailfish (like a swordfish) that looked like an eel (we let it go)

  3. Ate a chocolate cake when we had 1,000 miles to go

  4. Arrived last in the ARC, but in style

When we arrived in Hiva Oa (Hee-Va Oh-Aa), we were greated by horns and cheering. To quote my mother, “We had arrived, and they want everyone to know it.”

In another anchorage,

There were multiple strays that hung out around we [the kids] did.

We named them the following,

A smaller brown dog with a bit of mange, Hazel ( female )

A mottled black/dark brown, Sweetie

[Pavel & I called her that. I forget what the others did]

And a (maybe) Corgi-something mix. No name, I called him the corgi.

It was fun to watch the dogs. You really don’t see dogs much when on a boat.


Catherine from

Rubicon IV

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