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Girolle - Day 11 - Bayona to Povoa de Varzim

Greetings from Portuguese waters! After a break of 3 days we are back on the ocean waves. The sea is a lot calmer than what we’ve been used to experiencing over the past 10 days. The sun is shining and we’ve got the spinnaker up. This is the first time since leaving Plymouth that we’ve been able to use the spinnaker. Unfortunately, we haven’t yet managed to fully get to grips with the top down furling system which is most likely due to crew incompetence as opposed to technical issues with the equipment. Every day’s a school day aboard Girolle!
Now the boat is sailing at a more comfortable level (i.e. not heeled over) we’ve dared to put soup back on the menu. Thankfully no soup incident this time.
Now that the music situation is fixed, Dave may have stopped singing but is subjecting Andy and I to his dancing instead. It is debatable as to which is the more preferable of the two activities.
We were able to sneak in near the front at the start of today’s leg. As a result, 4 hours in we seem to be in second position, though we are rapidly getting chased down by the bigger boats, almost akin to being hunted down by the Spanish Armada!
As I sign off Dave is running through all the options in a bid to eek out every last puff of wind and every last knot that we can get out of Girolle. Time to carry on sailing.

Photo: Sun, sea and spinnaker


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