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Sweet Dream - Day 23 February 4, 2019

Early morning after a short night rocking and rolling as the big ships passed our raft up in the lake, we were awakened by the sound of a huge anchor plunging into the water. Popping our heads up we could see a big ship had decided to chill out in Gatun lake beside us. Howler monkeys were roaring in the trees onshore and birds sang as the sun came up over the horizon. We were up at five, ready for the advisor by six, and only had a two hour wait for him to arrive. After all the advisors were onboard their respective boats, we set off single file, motoring south in the lake towards our second set of locks. Jamie, our advisor, delighted us by being an excellent tour guide! We learned a lot about the history, climate, culture and ships on the canal. At noon we rafted up outside the locks, Makara , Chubby Bunny, and our Sweet Dream. Going down was certainly easier than going up, we had an uneventful mile long motor rafted together until the second set of locks and then we were through them as well, and into the Pacific!! We untied our boats from each other and the advisors were picked up by the wake making pilot boats. Then we were expertly guided into the La Playita marina! Altogether a fantastic adventure on our Sweet Dream!


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