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Timshel - St Helena to Brazil Day 9

Less than 1000 miles to go now - but that's still a very long way. It seems to be getting hotter and less wind today, sunny with a few fluffy trade wind clouds. We set the cruising chute, but like a spinnaker with the pole as we are dead downwind. Some of the other boats suggested that an asymmetric (sail) (modern jargon for cruising chute I think) when set with a pole is better back to front - with the higher clew on the pole and the lower tack on the sheet. So we are trying it and they are probably right, but next time we need the pole higher and have to arrange a longer downhaul/foreguy for this. The sail often seems like a lot of work for not much increase in speed, but today we need it to keep moving. We took it down at sunset though and reverted to main and yankee wing and wing. Lots of stars, the last sliver of the old moon has gone.

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