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Rubicon IV - Preparing for the World ARC : Post 1

January 4, 2019

Last night, at two in the morning, our parents lifted the anchor for the 16-hour sail to St. Lucia.

I admit this wasn’t a long sail compared to sails we have done before, for example, crossing The Atlantic took 19 days. You know how sometimes you have to go somewhere in 3 hours and it passes really quickly? Not true on a sailboat. I find that time passes very slowly, there also isn’t much to do if you have a fear of getting seasick, as I do.

True, I woke up at noon when we only had five hours left, but five hours to me is forever. I’m a very impenitent person. When I eventually woke up from my slumber, not wanting to take any chances, pulled out some sourdough pretzels as salt or ginger helps with seasickness. If I know beforehand about a sail, I’ll try to stay awake for a long as possible so I’d likely sleep through it. As we normally leave in the morning We were entertained with the birds that followed our boat for a while, we aren’t sure why they followed us, maybe the boat’s hull cutting through the waves made more fish jump? We aren’t sure.  We arrived just at dusk, right after the green flash. The green flash is when the sun sets and if the conditions are right, you get to see this bright flash of lime green for a few seconds and then the sun disappears under the sea.


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