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Makara of Exe - All down hill

As we navigate our way across the last third of this great Ocean, a very relaxed and calm atmosphere pervades. Great wind and a benign following sea has turned the motion of our berths from that of a tumble dryer to that of a cradle. We are all sleeping very well.

A day of squally showers kept us busy yesterday but beautiful sunshine and a return of the consistent trade winds gives us all a day to relax and watch the autohelm steer us ever further West. But with the wind staying consistently at 90 (due East) degrees and our destination laying at 270 degrees (due West) we are gybing every 12 hours, adding nearly 250 miles to our distance traveled.

Daily temperatures of around 25 degrees, cooled by the following winds makes it difficult to imagine that you are now out buying for Christmas, and opening your advent calendars in 6 degrees.I forgot my advent calendar and much to my annoyance,so did Georgia.... and so I have no advent calendar chocolate to steal every morning. The rest of the crew are blaming me for the demise of the chocolate supplies-the jury is out on that, and i definitely didn't steal the crunchy peanut butter.


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