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Allegrini - ARC+ 2018 Day 14 Mindelo to St Lucia Leg

Well it looks like we may finish our penultimate day the way it started,
strong winds and washing machine seas! I've tried to take photos but they
never do the state of the sea justice!

life below decks is a bit weird too, imagine standing in your kitchen trying
to prepare dinner or lunch, when without warning someone shifts the floor
10-15 degs one way and then the other, everything you had laid out to prep
or serve suddenly slides from one end of your worktop or another! Pouring
drinks can be fun too, particularly coffee or tea, the safest way is to put
the mugs in the sink, but even then its a bit of a fairground side stall
game, with most of the water going anywhere else but in the cup.

As it was fairly unpredictable weather two of us slept in the cockpit last
night, we had set the egg timer to wake us up at regular intervals to check
for ships etc, but the reality is you don't really sleep you sort of doze as
every creak and twang of ropes brings you back out of slumber. that said
no-one could have prepared Seth or I for the huge wave that broken over the
back of the boat and soaked us through to the bone, the only consolation is
the sea is at 26 degs Celsius, even so you still go from slightly dozy
sailor to bolt upright and alert seaman in seconds.

I think the crew, as will i will be glad to see land tomorrow ;-)

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