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Misto - October 8-13, 2018: Speeding Towards Mauritius

The first 2-3 days of this epic Indian Ocean passage were gentle to us. We sailed some and motor-sailed some, in sunny and relatively calm conditions. We had coconuts on board and at Howard's request to find a use or them, Ros found a coconut macaroon recipe and had fun baking up these delicious, sweet and gooey treats. Then things changed and we have been encountering winds up to 32 knots, with large and confused seas that have really been pushing us around. But it does mean that we are making fast progress towards Mauritius.

Although we are behind the fleet due to our delayed departure, we have been able to hear most of the radio nets and participate in some. The propagation in the morning is better than the evenings, when we are lucky if we can make out a few words. Also some boats are much easier to hear - Mad Monkey, Mischief, Blue Pearl and Timshel are usually audible. We made contact with Timshel early on the trip and arranged to speak with them on channel 8-B before the morning net. It has been wonderful to have that contact with the wider world - I don't think I would enjoy doing a passage like this in a remote part of the world without the camaraderie and moral support of a group like WARC.

The weather forecast shows another day and a half of wind conditions like we have currently, before moderation for a couple of days, more wind for a couple of days and then no wind at all at the very end of the trip. It would certainly be nice to have some respite here and there from being constantly bounced around like jack-in-the-box!
At 10/12/2018 7:47 PM (utc) our position was 15°57.16'S 081°07.24'E
Our course and speed are 254T at 8.3kts

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