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Jubilate Mare - Leg 3

Well after a cracking start we have now been motoring for 12 hours. However, the sun is still shining and it has been a fantastic rally, I will be sorry when it finally comes to an end. But that won’t be until Sunday so anything could happen. Dolphins have been spotted again but we have still to catch a fish - or even two! I’ve assured Bruno that we WILL catch one before we get to Lagos and I only hope we don’t have to delay our arrival to keep that promise!

The sky is beautiful and Kieron has just echoed my thoughts by saying “What a glorious day.” I wonder if we have been especially lucky on this crossing? Other people we have known to journey west have talked of having to endure rain and cold. We on the other hand have been able to sunbathe.

The mini cruise in The Azores was a delight, we were welcomed warmly by all the island people and we shall definitely be making a return trip to explore these islands in more depth.

As I write we have just landed our first fish so there is much jubilation on Jubilate, and it is tuna for dinner! And on the plus side we won’t now have to delay our arrival. So we will hope for good winds to race to the finish. Bee

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