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Selkie - Crossing

The Sea. Endless rolls of curls that push, slide, coast us to where we’ve never been.Travel slow. Look to the horizon. Determine the language of the clouds. Feel the wind. Connect your heart to your sails and understand how to hug the power. Think of your destination, but do not let it decide how you embrace your moment, your sail. Sail where wind and waves have an argument, where they dispute your future, and ride the difference, the heat of the conversation. Let the breakers wink at you to share the secret only both of you know: The ocean, the water, our home, is a mystery that we must discover with a bottomless glass of bravery, a thirsty soul for the unknown. See the swells move on from your encounter. Notice how you have changed them, changed yourself, changed what’s underneath. Head the opposite direction everyone told you to go. Become what they didn’t expect. Live what you eyes always read: distance, adventure, life, thirst.


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