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Khaleesi - Log Day 13 - The Charge

The Atlantic can be an unforgiving force of nature at times, and at others it has a beauty that is difficult to surpass. Our fair winds and calm seas have continued as we ride a ridge of pressure between two systems, and with luck, it should carry us all the way to Horta. We are currently 254 nautical miles from the finish line outside Horta, and sailing at a consistent 7.5 knot speed. How good can it get! We have all enjoyed the sailing which has surpassed anything else we have experienced in terms of Khaleesi's responsiveness and the wind. Even the dolphins have joined in the early hours of this morning when we had a row of three on either side, almost as if they were waiting for bridles to be slipped over their heads, and for the command to be given to charge, like war horses pulling a chariot. Sunrise has a majesty that the clear air and skies provide a perfect setting for as the the sun's rays slowly spread across the vast expanse of sea, bringing warmth and light, and re-assurance to the lonely helmsman.
We still have no other yachts in sight, but as a Net Controller of the SSB network meeting we maintain our links with the others from the rally by getting position and course updates, and having a short chat about informal "stuff". This morning I started the meeting off by playing a military tune called High on a Hill to the rally. Chat Eau Bleu was the closest in identifying it as a military tune that could have been played at the Edinburgh Tattoo. Others said it motivated them to stand on their deck and salute their respective captains!! My receive capability was not good this morning so the good ship Zeeland provided me with a relay to pass on other vessels' messages. With the yachts so spread out having another vessel undertake a relay is quite a common feature of the Net Meetings, and ensures that all those involved are kept up to date.
I emailed the Mid Atlantic Yacht Services at Horta yesterday and they are on standby now to help repair our rudder bearing. The last two checks have shown that Pete's efforts to tighten the securing bolts have remained effective, and so we can press Khaleesi a little more to gain a bit more boat speed. Otherwise we remain on course and on track to arrive in Horta late tomorrow, Tuesday 29th. Fingers crossed that the gods remain on our side!!
Khaleesi at 5/27/2018 10:09 PM (utc) our position was 38°14.01'N 036°18.58'W

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