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Selkie - Day 12: Leg 2 Generator Scare 500 miles from the Azores

We wake to good weather and have a good morning with coffee and bacon! We fire up the internet and the water maker. Everything suddenly poops out. The generator is off and not turning back on! We adjust to how this will be: no water maker, no extra water, no warm water, no charging of devices, no radar, possibly no navigation lights, maybe no cooking, no bilge pump, no autopilot, no no no. Yikes. Scary. Nick and I are super worried. We stare at each other with big eyes. He reads the manual. We are all very quiet for a long time. The kids and I play legos. Then Nick finds the answer with Rory’s toy shaving mirror. A hidden breaker is misplaced on the far side of the generator. Thank God! I cry tears of joy. I actually ball my eyes out with happiness and Nick walks around with a radiant smile. He is the generator wizard! Lily and I make cinnamon apple coffee cake and Super Cluck Stew with our last fresh garlic, potatoes, carrots, and a shallot. Yum. We soar at 10 knots and catch and pass two boats! This day started with a super high, then a super low, then another super high. We are so grateful for power. The night ends with dancing in the cockpit to music Nick hates. Lol. As we settle in, a lightening storm flashes in the distance beyond an almost full moon.

Maggie, the Galley Goddess and Annoying Dancer

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