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Jubilate Mare - Really REALLY nearly there!

Well, we now have less than 150 miles to go; so with luck, and a following wind, we should be in Horta for breakfast tomorrow.

We had five further sightings of dolphins yesterday and just before supper whales were spotted in the distance. The whoops and cheers from the crew probably frightened away any fish that might, and I do mean just MIGHT, have been around.

It will be strange being back in the ‘real’ world after life in our little bubble. We don’t know what’s been going on, though I seem to remember something about a wedding. Oh yes, and I believe today is a Bank Holiday back home so it is probably raining!

There is a certain freedom being mostly disconnected from everyday goings-ons. It’s like the old days of holidaying before the internet had been invented. You packed your suitcase, got on a plane and totally switched off. Nowadays ( and don’t get me wrong on this, I love our modern world ) there is a certain pressure to always being available and in contact with things back home. Train journeys to business destinations were an opportunity for relaxation. This is now a thing of the past and carriages have turned into mobile offices for working people. So, it will be interesting to catch up on world events and reconnect to the internet - to no doubt deal with dozens of emails needing deleting from my in box! In the meantime, it has been great having the technology to get these blogs ‘out there’ to people who may be interested in our adventure.


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