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Blonde Moment - blog 10

Wednesday 23rd May

Tuesday night was.......COLD... wet , very wet and dark. I am not sure if the time spent in the Caribbean had made me soft but Colin fro Washington DC also agree and was wearing more layers than me. This was a low point as not only did we have light or no wind the SSB net revealed that other yachts near our position still had wind , no rain and were sailing.
we both agreed that dinner should be beans, bacon,eggs and hash browns - good warming food for a yuk night.

It was not a pleasant night with lumpy seas making sleep difficult and constant attention to the sail trim was required due to the changing winds of between 5-25 kts kept one busy during the night watch but as the night continued the winds became more consistent and eventually we were again sailing fast with 2 reefs in the main, the clearing sky also gave us the moon back and our spirits started to recover
It may appear that the oceans are very large and having not seen and ships since Sunday I would have to agree however as we get to half way between Bermuda and the Azores not only to we have to make a major course change to avoid a large fishing ship at ther same time we are incomtact with a catamaran Invincticus - a charter boat that we met in the BVI's last month and is now heading back to the Mediterranean - all quite extraordinary....

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